Monday, May 15, 2017

The Good Fairy Garden 2017

The Cabbage Fairy Garden 2017

It's been almost four years now since I created my fairy garden and it has definitely evolved in that time (click here to see the original Good Fairy Garden post from 2013).  Last year the fairy house even got a shiny new paint job!

This year, I added a few more features such as a "stream" with a bridge.  Not long after I did that, a magical new visitor showed up and the good fairies returned too!  You can see them all in the video slideshow below (click image below to play).

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Garden Shed Confession: My Flowers Are Stressing Me Out!

Just A Girl Who Talks To Her Cell Phone In Her Garden Shed

Yesterday, I was sitting in my garden shed taking a break from weeding the gardens in our front yard when I came to the following slightly disturbing realization: All the pretty flowers blooming in my gardens were stressing me out!

This eventually compelled me to make what I decided to call a "garden shed confession" on my Instagram account, using the Instagram Story Feature.

Basically I confessed to being a recovering perfectionist and how this was robbing me of actually enjoying the beauty of my gardens.  Instead of being thrilled that my Irises were blooming again, my inner perfectionist was making me feel frantic about the amount of weeds that had popped up in their beds.  I found myself fretting that all my flowers were going to start blooming before I did all the weeding, mulching and planting I wanted to do to show them to their best advantage.

Of course this was ridiculous and thankfully I was quickly able to recognize this.  I also recognized that I needed to do something to change this joy robbing mindset.

Flowers In My Perfectly Imperfect Backyard

So I took my cell phone on a leisurely walk around my yard and took some photos of the flowers blooming there.  After only a few minutes of this it was clear to me that my flowers required very little help from me to be shown to their best advantage.  Their beauty out-shined any presence of weeds around them.  They didn't need a perfect garden to reach their full potential.  They were perfection on their own.

Rising Above The Weeds

Of course this doesn't mean that I will stop pulling up the weeds.  It just means that I won't allow them or my perfectionism to rob me of enjoying the beauty and the magic that surrounds me while I do.

Outshining The Weeds

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Monday, April 17, 2017

When The World Smells Like Lilacs

The other day I was listening to Joe Walsh sing “Life's Been Good” on my car stereo and, like always, I found myself smiling and nodding my head at the line, “I can't complain but sometimes I still do.”

I'm sure I'm not the only one who relates to that lyric. It's so easy to complain about life's disappointments and inconveniences, even when we know we have it relatively good. I know that for me all it takes is lack of sleep, hunger or crappy weather to convince me that the universe is picking on me some days.

The Lilac Portal

However, on Spring days such as the ones we've been having lately, I have no trouble remembering how wonderful life can be and how very lucky and blessed I am.

It's just so much easier to practice gratitude when the world smells like Lilacs, or to believe in magic when it's raining apple blossoms in my backyard or to have faith in miracles when the “Immortality” Irises in my front yard decide to bloom on Easter Sunday.

Peace Beneath The Lilacs

Apple Blossom Magic

Immortality Irises

Life's been good to me so far.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Cabbage Hallway Makeover

Just Hanging Out In My Hallway

I know it has been awhile since my last post but I have been busy with a ton of projects around here and it all started with a sudden desire to paint The Cabbage hallway purple.  Well, actually, I just wanted to paint something purple and the hallway still had a couple of walls I'd never painted.

Here's a photo I took of it way back in 2014:

The Cabbage Hallway In 2014

There is a sort of vestibule at the end of the hallway where the doors to my art studio and the guest bedroom and bathroom are that I had already painted blue. I decided to keep that the way it was and just paint the two side walls purple (paint color is Rare Wine By Valspar).  Here's what it looks like now:

The Cabbage Hallway in 2017 (Bathroom View)

I also painted the partial wall at the other end of the hallway a golden yellow (paint color is Mac And Cheese by Behr).

The Cabbage Hallway in 2017 (Living Room View)

It's a lot of color, which makes me happy.  Seriously, how did I ever live with those bland walls before?  And I think the purple makes a great background for my art.

My Art In The Cabbage Hallway

Of course the real fun began when the painting was over and I got to decorate.  I added a few new items like the candle sconces, some vintage finds like the baskets on the wall (Etsy) and I shopped my basement and other rooms in the house as well.

The Santos bust on the bookshelves used to be in the guestroom
but I moved it here so I could enjoy it more often.

This Lovely Basket (Purchased from VintageJunqueAmy on Etsy)
also serves the purpose of hiding our not so attractive thermostat.

I think maybe the walls could take a few more things (heaven forbid I have actual blank wall space) but I'm really happy with this space both form and function wise for now.  Also, I need to call this project done so I can focus on the other project it spawned, my guest bathroom.  More about that next time.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Inkblot Ombre Collection

A Cozy Corner In The Cabbage Living Room With New Accessories
From The Inkblot Ombre Collection At Cabagelow Creations

Okay, this is it.  I've decided that 2017 is going to be the year that I somehow pull my living room together and make it more cohesive.  And, thanks to all the great holiday sales, I've already got a bit of a head start.  I found a great rug on Overstock and some lovely baskets at HomeGoods and then, of course, I was inspired to design and purchase a few accessories at

It took me a day or two to come up with the design I wanted.  I already have a lot of pattern going on (always) in that room so I didn't want anything too busy but I didn't want anything too plain either.  Finally, I was able to create this cool "inkblot ombre" design.  I think it is just right mix of modern and classic with that artsy, boho vibe I love.

I created this design in black and blue for my living room but I also have black and gray as well as black and purple versions of these products in the shop.  Click below to see the entire collection so far (I will be adding to it over time).

I was already familiar with the great quality of the fleece blankets and throw pillows on and I am pleased to report that the pouf lives up to those standards also.  It is much lighter weight than I expected but it stands up well.  Overall I am really happy with the collection and I hope you like it too.

So now I just have to figure out what to do with the rest of the room!  Hopefully, I will have more to show you someday soon.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Time At The Cabbage 2016

I can't believe 2016 is almost over!  This has not been a year full of particularly big projects or dramatic changes for me, at least not on the surface.  However, beneath the surface and behind the scenes I have been learning that small actions and slow but steady progress can have big and dramatic effects on my life.

So it is no surprise that this is how I approached the holiday decorating this year - taking on big tasks one small step at a time, making the most of what I had and then finally adding a few new touches here and there to take things just slightly up to the next level.

I hope you enjoy the below photos of The Cabbage at Christmas Time and once again, from my home to yours, I wish you very Happy Holidays.

Peace and Love,

The Cabbage Dining Room At Christmas Time (with a glimpse of the tree in the gallery).

The Dining Room and Gallery At Night

Holiday Centerpiece Borrowed From The Cabbage Gardens

The Dining Room Window Seat Spruced Up With A Holiday Garland

The Cabbage Christmas Tree, 2016

I Added Just A Few More Silver Ornaments To The Fireplace Mantel Garland This Year

Small Holiday Touches Here And There Make Me Happy

I wanted to do a Holiday Chalkboard Mural but couldn't make myself erase my Rick Springfield Mural, so Happy Holidays and Merry Rickmas! :)

PS: Have yourself a merry little Christmas.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Autumn Magic 2016

Sometimes I complain when Mother Nature isn't as predictable as I expect her to be.

I curse her for upsetting my plans. 

I bemoan my failed attempts to tame her.

And then I take a walk outside with my camera on a magical Autumn day and I realize how idiotic all that is.

I realize that I don't always have to be able to predict nature in order to trust her.

I remember that she knows what the hell she's doing even when I don't.

 And I relearn that I don't have to control her in order to participate in her magic.

That all I have to do is celebrate the beauty of nature in all her phases to better understand my part in her mystery.

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