Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Cabbage Tour

This hardly ever happens, but I find myself sort of between home projects right now (other than a couple of things in the garden that are moving along slowly).  So I thought this would be a good time to take inventory of the current state of The Cabbage and give you a tour at the same time.

If you missed my Front Porch Fix up post, you can click here to hang out there for awhile.  Otherwise, follow me!

Welcome To The Cabbage

The Cabbage Gallery

The Cabbage Gallery

The front room of our home is currently being used as a home gallery and office but it used to be a library.  Click here for the full story and more photos.  

UPDATE: This room received a refresh recently, click here for photos.

The Cabbage Dining Room

Adjacent to the gallery is our dining room.  It has gone through a few changes over the last few years but is still a work in progress.  Painting the walls in here is definitely on my to do list.  Here's a photo I took of it around the holidays:

The Cabbage Dining Room

Click here to see more photos of The Cabbage At Christmas Time.

UPDATE: I finally got around to repainting and updating the dining room.  Click here to see how it looks now.

The Cabbage Kitchen

From the dining room we enter our quirky kitchen:

The Cabbage Kitchen

This room has evolved a lot over the years.  The biggest change happened last Fall when I tiled the backsplash (click here for that story).  I wouldn't rule out more changes for this room in the distant future but for now it's good.

Click here to learn more about the evolution of our kitchen.

The Cabbage Living Room

Our living room is the room that puts the "cab" in Cabagelow, as it has log cabin walls.  It's a nice, spacious room with high ceilings but I have found it challenging to decorate.  I have managed to makeover one wall so far (click here to see photos) and on the opposite wall we installed a giant chalkboard that I have fun drawing on:

The Beatles Chalkboard Mural In The Cabbage Living Room

I am still waiting on inspiration when it comes to the rest of the room.

Click here and here to see more of my chalkboard art.

The Cabbage Hallway

This space is currently undergoing a makeover.  Click here to see in progress photos on Instagram.

Here's a photo from before the makeover started:

The Cabbage Hallway

Click here to read another post about The Cabbage Hallway.

The Cabbage Master Bedroom Sanctuary

This room has magically evolved into my favorite room.

Master Bedroom Sanctuary

Click here to see more photos.

The Cabbage Master Bath

The Cabbage Master Bathroom Sink Vanity

Thanks to a remodel back in 2012, our Master Bathroom is mostly to my liking.  Click here to see that metamorphosis.

The Cabbage Art Studio

The Cabbage Art Studio

Thanks to our remodel last year, my art studio is exactly the creative space I have always wanted.  Read the full story and see more photos of my "art studio redo" by clicking here.  There is also another update here.

UPDATE:  I keep working on this room!  Click here to see more current photos.

The Cabbage Guest Room And Fairy Nook

The Cabbage Guest Room

The Cabbage Guest Room was one of our most recent projects and, imho, one of our most successful.  My favorite part of this room is The Fairy Nook:

The Cabbage Fairy Nook

Learn more about the fairy nook by clicking here and see more photos of the guest room by clicking here.

The Cabbage Deck

Last but not least is our lovely back deck.  I finally got around to decorating this space last summer (click here for full post and photos) and we have been spending a lot of time out there ever since.  I especially love this space in the evening when our string lights come on:

The Cabbage Deck

That completes the tour of our home sweet cabbage for now.  It was nice to take a break from thinking about all the things we want and need to do around here and focus instead on all that we have already accomplished.  I hope you enjoyed it, too.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

8 Places To Put Books (Other Than Bookcases)

I have always said there is no such thing as too many books but this theory of mine has been severely tested lately.  Ever since I got rid of the two big bookcases that were in our guest room, I have had to be a little more creative when it comes to figuring out where to put my books.

Here are 8 places I have come up with so far:

1. In a bin or a basket

I am always picking up fun bins or baskets when I find them on discount somewhere.  They are an easy, inexpensive way to add pattern or texture to a room as well as storage.  You can put just about anything in them, including books!

Books In Baskets

2. In A Bag

A book bag is a practical thing to have, especially if you and your books are on the move a lot.  We keep ours on a hook in the hallway and use it for our library books.

Cool Cat Reading Tote Bag Available At My Zazzle Shop

3. On A Chair

Chairs, like books, are something I have a lot of.  When they aren't being occupied by cats or people, they make a great place for books.  

This chair is a beautiful family heirloom but not very practical
for sitting, which makes it perfect for books!

4. Under A Nightstand

When I shop for tables or nightstands, I always look for ones that have a shelf underneath for books.  If you don't have a shelf under your nightstand you could still stack books neatly beneath it on the floor.

This nightstand with a drawer and a shelf was a flea market score!

5. On A Bench

If you don't want books cluttering up your nightstand you could always put them on a bench at the end of your bed.  You could also stack them beneath a bench.

This little bench I found at a flea market was probably made for dolls but works great for books too.

6. On A Dresser

A few favorite books and a cherished set of bookends can make a charming display on a dresser or any surface.

These bookends are one of my favorite thrift store finds.

7. On The Window Sill

Maybe it's not the most practical spot, but I do find myself using window sills as at least a temporary place to put my books.  You could also put a shelf or a bench just beneath the window for books, or in my case, cats.

Where Poe Meditates

8. On Ledges 

I am a big fan of display ledges and Hippie and I have made and installed them in several rooms of The Cabbage.  They are a great place for art, knick knacks and, of course, books.

These ledges we installed in the guest room
allow my art books to be displayed as art.

Do you know of any other places for books that I may have overlooked?  Please feel free to share them in the comments below and I will be sure to update you when I find more.

Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Front Porch Fix Up

The Cabbage Porch

I've always loved our front porch, even before it was ours.  Even when the only thing on it was the porch swing.  Even when the front garden was full of weeds.  Even when the floor boards were falling apart.  I loved its imperfect charm and, most of all, I loved its potential.  As with most areas of our home, it took much longer than planned to realize my vision for it.

Here's the mostly blank canvas I started with:

The Cabbage Porch Before

I've added a few things over the years: planters, hanging baskets, wind chimes, a table and chairs and two quirky ceramic pheasants I got at the thrift store for $1 each that have earned my love and respect by enduring for much longer than I expected.  I weeded and planted more flowers in the front garden.  I painted the front door.

Then the biggest and best change happened last Fall when Hippie tore up and replaced the old floorboards.

My Hero

This set the stage for me to add a few final touches this Spring, such as the house number pillows that I designed myself:

House Number Pillows Available At My Cabagelow Creations Shop

I also spruced up the seating area with some alternate chairs and a few accessories.

Table For Two

And you can never have too many plants:

Front Door Planter
This tiered stand once provided storage in my bathroom and
then in our kitchen before I put it to better use here as a planter.
The chalkboard is a re-purposed door from my art studio.

This shelving unit was left in the garage by previous homeowners and
we used it in our living room for many years.  I painted it with the same
exterior paint I used on the front door before moving it here.

And now I believe my porch has finally reached its full potential:

The Cabbage Porch Now

Want to fix up your own front porch?  Here's my top three tips:

1. Start Small: Add a magical set of wind chimes or a whimsical thrift store figurine for instant charm.

2. Look Within: Furniture and accessories that have outlived their usefulness indoors can be revived and re-purposed for your covered porch.

3. You Can Never Have Too Many Plants: I know I said that already but it's worth repeating.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by!