Thursday, June 11, 2015

Front Porch Fix Up

The Cabbage Porch

I've always loved our front porch, even before it was ours.  Even when the only thing on it was the porch swing.  Even when the front garden was full of weeds.  Even when the floor boards were falling apart.  I loved its imperfect charm and, most of all, I loved its potential.  As with most areas of our home, it took much longer than planned to realize my vision for it.

Here's the mostly blank canvas I started with:

The Cabbage Porch Before

I've added a few things over the years: planters, hanging baskets, wind chimes, a table and chairs and two quirky ceramic pheasants I got at the thrift store for $1 each that have earned my love and respect by enduring for much longer than I expected.  I weeded and planted more flowers in the front garden.  I painted the front door.

Then the biggest and best change happened last Fall when Hippie tore up and replaced the old floorboards.

My Hero

This set the stage for me to add a few final touches this Spring, such as the house number pillows that I designed myself:

House Number Pillows Available At My Cabagelow Creations Shop

I also spruced up the seating area with some alternate chairs and a few accessories.

Table For Two

And you can never have too many plants:

Front Door Planter
This tiered stand once provided storage in my bathroom and
then in our kitchen before I put it to better use here as a planter.
The chalkboard is a re-purposed door from my art studio.

This shelving unit was left in the garage by previous homeowners and
we used it in our living room for many years.  I painted it with the same
exterior paint I used on the front door before moving it here.

And now I believe my porch has finally reached its full potential:

The Cabbage Porch Now

Want to fix up your own front porch?  Here's my top three tips:

1. Start Small: Add a magical set of wind chimes or a whimsical thrift store figurine for instant charm.

2. Look Within: Furniture and accessories that have outlived their usefulness indoors can be revived and re-purposed for your covered porch.

3. You Can Never Have Too Many Plants: I know I said that already but it's worth repeating.

Have fun and thanks for stopping by!

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