Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Cabbage Tour

This hardly ever happens, but I find myself sort of between home projects right now (other than a couple of things in the garden that are moving along slowly).  So I thought this would be a good time to take inventory of the current state of The Cabbage and give you a tour at the same time.

If you missed my Front Porch Fix up post, you can click here to hang out there for awhile.  Otherwise, follow me!

Welcome To The Cabbage

The Cabbage Gallery

The Cabbage Gallery

The front room of our home is currently being used as a home gallery and office but it used to be a library.  Click here for the full story and more photos.  

UPDATE: This room received a refresh recently, click here for photos.

The Cabbage Dining Room

Adjacent to the gallery is our dining room.  It has gone through a few changes over the last few years but is still a work in progress.  Painting the walls in here is definitely on my to do list.  Here's a photo I took of it around the holidays:

The Cabbage Dining Room

Click here to see more photos of The Cabbage At Christmas Time.

UPDATE: I finally got around to repainting and updating the dining room.  Click here to see how it looks now.

The Cabbage Kitchen

From the dining room we enter our quirky kitchen:

The Cabbage Kitchen

This room has evolved a lot over the years.  The biggest change happened last Fall when I tiled the backsplash (click here for that story).  I wouldn't rule out more changes for this room in the distant future but for now it's good.

Click here to learn more about the evolution of our kitchen.

The Cabbage Living Room

Our living room is the room that puts the "cab" in Cabagelow, as it has log cabin walls.  It's a nice, spacious room with high ceilings but I have found it challenging to decorate.  I have managed to makeover one wall so far (click here to see photos) and on the opposite wall we installed a giant chalkboard that I have fun drawing on:

The Beatles Chalkboard Mural In The Cabbage Living Room

I am still waiting on inspiration when it comes to the rest of the room.

Click here and here to see more of my chalkboard art.

The Cabbage Hallway

This space is currently undergoing a makeover.  Click here to see in progress photos on Instagram.

Here's a photo from before the makeover started:

The Cabbage Hallway

Click here to read another post about The Cabbage Hallway.

The Cabbage Master Bedroom Sanctuary

This room has magically evolved into my favorite room.

Master Bedroom Sanctuary

Click here to see more photos.

The Cabbage Master Bath

The Cabbage Master Bathroom Sink Vanity

Thanks to a remodel back in 2012, our Master Bathroom is mostly to my liking.  Click here to see that metamorphosis.

The Cabbage Art Studio

The Cabbage Art Studio

Thanks to our remodel last year, my art studio is exactly the creative space I have always wanted.  Read the full story and see more photos of my "art studio redo" by clicking here.  There is also another update here.

UPDATE:  I keep working on this room!  Click here to see more current photos.

The Cabbage Guest Room And Fairy Nook

The Cabbage Guest Room

The Cabbage Guest Room was one of our most recent projects and, imho, one of our most successful.  My favorite part of this room is The Fairy Nook:

The Cabbage Fairy Nook

Learn more about the fairy nook by clicking here and see more photos of the guest room by clicking here.

The Cabbage Deck

Last but not least is our lovely back deck.  I finally got around to decorating this space last summer (click here for full post and photos) and we have been spending a lot of time out there ever since.  I especially love this space in the evening when our string lights come on:

The Cabbage Deck

That completes the tour of our home sweet cabbage for now.  It was nice to take a break from thinking about all the things we want and need to do around here and focus instead on all that we have already accomplished.  I hope you enjoyed it, too.

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  1. Love all the patterns you have used! Artist heaven!

  2. Your entire beloved Cabbage is a work of art, Victoria! Thank you for all the ideas & inspiration you share with us.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa. Glad you enjoyed the tour! :)