Thursday, July 30, 2015

The Cabbage Curtains: 5 Inexpensive Window Treatments

I have plenty of ideas about how I would decorate The Cabbage should I ever win the lottery but since that hasn't happened yet, I often have to work within a pretty tight budget.  I may occasionally splurge on a luxury item but that usually means I have to make up for the expense in some other way.  One place where I have always managed to save a good amount of money is on window treatments.  Here are five examples:

1. Altered Lace

Altered Lace Cafe Curtains In Our Dining Room

In our home gallery and the adjacent dining room combined, we have five windows, so I really needed an inexpensive solution.  I also didn't want anything too heavy that would block the light or take away from our beautiful original windows.  I was able to find some really affordable lace cafe curtains but they were a little plain.  Fortunately, around that time I wandered into one of my favorite import stores and fell in love with some fabulous scarves.  Using a little creativity and some fusible sewing tape I was able to combine the two to create some one of a kind curtains that didn't break the bank.

Altered Lace Curtains In Our Home Gallery

2. A Tale Of Two Scarves

Ombre Scarves Serve As Curtains In Our Bedroom

Falling in love with scarves is not a rare occurrence for me.  Most of the time I do plan on wearing them but when I saw a pair of pink and purple ombre scarves at my local Target (affiliate link), I knew they would make perfect curtains in our bedroom.  Not only were they inexpensive but they required almost no effort to hang.  All I had to do was drape them over my existing curtain rod.

3. Hooked On Fabric

Easy, Inexpensive Curtain In Our Master Bathroom

I looked everywhere for a curtain for my remodeled master bathroom before finally stumbling upon a three dollar fabric remnant that turned out to be the perfect complement to my new decor.  All I had to do was trim it with some sewing scissors and hook it onto some drapery rings to install it.

4.  Wall To Wall Savings

A Full Wall Of Curtains In Our Guest Room Helps Disguise Off Center Windows

I knew I wanted wall to wall curtains in our guest room but was afraid I wouldn't be able to afford them.  As it turned out, luck was on my side.  First I found the double drapery rod in the clearance section of my local home improvement store.  Then Target had an amazing sale on curtains (affiliate link).  The blue faux silk curtains really add a luxurious feel to the room while the sheer panels allow plenty of natural light to shine through.

5. 0 Curtains = $0

Having No Curtains In My Art Studio Allows The Light And The Woodwork To Shine

After having the plumbing installed to add a sink to my art studio, there wasn't a whole lot of budget left for decorating.  I had to get really creative with furniture and accessories but when it came to window treatments, the solution was simple: I didn't want any!  Not only did this save me money but it allows me to fully enjoy the light and the views while I'm painting. 

Springtime View From My Art Studio

Have you come up with some creative, cost saving window treatments in your home?  Feel free to share in the comments at the bottom of this page.


  1. Thanks for sharing all of your clever & lovely ideas, Victoria! I especially love how you transformed two scarves. One of my "yet to do's" is to hang a color-coordinated assortment from my vintage handkerchief collection as window treatments in our kitchen.

    1. The two scarves are my favorite too. Your handkerchief idea sounds lovely!