Thursday, August 27, 2015

Half Wall Living Room Makeover

Back in November 2014 I decided I was going to makeover my living room one wall at a time and started with our fireplace wall (click here for before and after photos).  After that I was still pretty much at a loss with what to do with the rest of the space but eventually I decided that I would tackle another wall.  However, part of this wall is mostly open to the kitchen, so really I only had to makeover a half wall.  Here's what it looked like when I started:

Before Photo Of  The Half Wall

Yes, that is a ceramic Elvis bust and a Velvet Elvis painting.  I actually am extremely fond of these items but I just wanted a change so I moved them to another room.  

The blue dresser we purchased not too long ago from one of our local second hand shops.  It is great for storage and I really love it except the knobs were a little too plain for me.  So I purchased some hardware from my Butterfly Collage Collection on Zazzle.

My Mix and Match Butterfly Designs on Carolina Hardware Knobs
(Available here)

I'm real happy with how these look and function with my dresser.

Butterfly Hardware On The Dresser

Also, just for fun I decided to line the drawers with my Butterfly Collage Wrapping Paper (available here).  It makes me smile whenever I open a drawer for something.

Butterfly Collage Lined DVD Drawer

Above the dresser I hung a couple of display shelves.  I had originally bought these for our guest room but they didn't work there.  I really like them though so I'm glad I was able to use them here.  I didn't want to buy a bunch of new stuff just to fill them so I used items I already had in other places in the house, such as one of my most recent paintings and a pair of butterfly fairy bookends without the books because I just how they look that way.  The great thing about display shelves is that it's easy to change stuff out so I'm sure I will have fun restyling them at some point.

My "Summer Wind" Painting and Other Items On Display Shelves

I kept the top of the dresser clear except for a runner and a book stand, giving us room to temporarily dump keys or mail here when we need to.  After that, all that was left to do was paint the door to the basement to add some more color and contrast and I was done!

After Photo Of The Half Wall

It's amazing what a big difference changing just a few elements made.  It's really giving me a feel for what I might want to do with the rest of the room someday.  

Have you ever made a small change in your home that made a big difference?  Please feel free to share your ideas and experiences in the comments below.


  1. Love your butterfly knobs! And oooh...I want a book stand!

    1. Thanks. The book stand is one of my favorite finds at a local second hand shop. It comes in handy. :)