Thursday, September 10, 2015

Cabagelow Creations

It's a busy week here at The Cabbage with Fall coming soon and football season starting but I wanted to take this opportunity to officially introduce you to my newest shop on - Cabagelow Creations.

Purple Patina Plate Collection - Available Here

I have been offering my art, graphic designs and photographs for sale on Zazzle products for over 10 years now.  In the beginning the amount of products was limited and I sold mostly art prints, greeting cards and t-shirts.  Then a few years ago Zazzle started making home accessories available and I got really excited.  Not only did this increase the possibilities for my business but I could now design custom items for my own home!

Fly Me To The Moon / Reach For The Stars Throw Pillow - Available Here

I created my Cabagelow Creations shop as a place to showcase the designs that are inspired by The Cabbage and our life here.  I have purchased many of the products with these designs and use them throughout my own home and garden, so I feel confident in the quality and value that Zazzle offers.

Samples Of The Purple Patina Fabric Collection - Available Here

I hope you will visit my Cabagelow Creations shop at often as it continues to evolve daily.  For new design and product alerts as well as special offers, follow @VLHproducts on Twitter.

As always, thank you for your support and encouragement.