Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dining Room Evolution

Like all the rooms here at The Cabbage, our dining room has gone through a lot of changes in the last ten years.  However, the big changes started happening after we transformed the adjacent room into our home gallery (click here for that story).

Before that, this is how our dining room looked:

The Cabbage Dining Room in 2012

I had painted the walls in The Cabbage Gallery a creamy white but I wanted to do something different in the dining room so I experimented with a green ombre treatment.  I wasn't entirely happy with it but I decided to live with it for awhile while I formulated a better plan.  Here's how the dining room looked during the holidays in 2014:

The Cabbage Dining Room 2014

Finally, just before Thanksgiving last year, I decided on a pale blue-green color for the walls and things started to evolve from there.  This is how the dining room looks now:

The Cabbage Dining Room 2016

Once the walls were painted I knew I wanted to add more orange accents to balance out the orange curtains above the window seat.  I did this by painting the inside of the built in wall cabinet and the primitive cabinet I use as a buffet.

Newly Orange Interior Of Our Built In China Cabinet

My "Canyon Queen" Painting Over A Primitive Buffet Cabinet

Once I hung my "Canyon Queen" painting on the wall, I realized I wanted to add some more purple to the room.  My plan was to find some secondhand dining chairs and paint them purple but that search proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be. Eventually I wound up splurging on a new set of upholstered chairs that I am just crazy about. 

Dining Room With "Purple Passion" Chairs And Accessories

The chairs inspired me to design my own table runner, paper plates and throw pillow (available at The Cabagelow Creations Shop).

To spruce up the window seat, I reupholstered the bench and switched out some throw pillows.  I also added a bunch of throw rugs to the floor, mostly for our cats.

Our Cat Bart Enjoying One Of The New Rugs

I won't say this room is "done" now because no room ever truly is but I'm really happy with where it is right now and definitely don't plan on painting it again any time soon!

Has your decorating style evolved over the years like mine has? I would love to hear how you have incorporated your changing tastes into your home.  Please feel free to leave a comment below. 


  1. What an inviting space in which to dine! Congratulations on yet another one of your amazing home enhancement/evolution accomplishments, Victoria! (Hello to Bart, too!)