Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Cabbage Hallway Makeover

Just Hanging Out In My Hallway

I know it has been awhile since my last post but I have been busy with a ton of projects around here and it all started with a sudden desire to paint The Cabbage hallway purple.  Well, actually, I just wanted to paint something purple and the hallway still had a couple of walls I'd never painted.

Here's a photo I took of it way back in 2014:

The Cabbage Hallway In 2014

There is a sort of vestibule at the end of the hallway where the doors to my art studio and the guest bedroom and bathroom are that I had already painted blue. I decided to keep that the way it was and just paint the two side walls purple (paint color is Rare Wine By Valspar).  Here's what it looks like now:

The Cabbage Hallway in 2017 (Bathroom View)

I also painted the partial wall at the other end of the hallway a golden yellow (paint color is Mac And Cheese by Behr).

The Cabbage Hallway in 2017 (Living Room View)

It's a lot of color, which makes me happy.  Seriously, how did I ever live with those bland walls before?  And I think the purple makes a great background for my art.

My Art In The Cabbage Hallway

Of course the real fun began when the painting was over and I got to decorate.  I added a few new items like the candle sconces, some vintage finds like the baskets on the wall (Etsy) and I shopped my basement and other rooms in the house as well.

The Santos bust on the bookshelves used to be in the guestroom
but I moved it here so I could enjoy it more often.

This Lovely Basket (Purchased from VintageJunqueAmy on Etsy)
also serves the purpose of hiding our not so attractive thermostat.

I think maybe the walls could take a few more things (heaven forbid I have actual blank wall space) but I'm really happy with this space both form and function wise for now.  Also, I need to call this project done so I can focus on the other project it spawned, my guest bathroom.  More about that next time.

To see more photos and learn more details about the hallway project, you can click here.

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