About Me & The Cabbage

About Victoria Lynn Hall

Hello, my name is Victoria and I believe in art, creativity and kindness.  I strive to channel these things into everything I do, whether it is painting, taking photos, writing blog posts, creating designs on products or taking care of my home, garden and family.  I hope that by authentically living and sharing my story, I inspire others to do the same.  

About The Cabbage

I call my house The Cabagelow, Cabbage for short, because it is a creative combination of Cabin, Cottage and Bungalow styles. I love my unique home and my garden and the opportunity they provide me to create an environment that suits my eclectic tastes.

About Cabagelow Creations

Cabagelow Creations is an always evolving collection of products which feature designs inspired by my home and the everyday magic I find here. It is my hope that through these products I can share a bit of that magic with others.

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